With EasyPark makes parking easy, easy to use allowing users to plan, search, pay, and manage to park anytime anywhere. Available throughout France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Faroe Islands, Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia, Montenegro and Australia, EasyPark turns Parking becomes a dream in more than 1200 towns and cities across the globe. Paying by phone has never been easier.

EasyPark's smartphone app provides millions of registered users the fastest and most efficient solution to search, remotely manage, and pay for EV parking and charging in Europe. EasyPark allows parking across borders, by allowing users to park in neighboring cities or countries without having to download other apps or change any settings like payment methods or electricity numbers phone. EasyPark also provides smart search for users in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Albacete, Tarragona, allowing drivers to find the best parking on and off the road, closest to their destination, guiding them along the most efficient route to the parking spot.

Main benefits of EasyPark

- Save time and money with the application

- No need for cash. Choose your preferred payment method in the app

- Extend your parking session or reboot easily from the phone - Wherever you can

- You do not have to think about parking, we will do it for you. We will send a reminder when your parking session is about to expire

How to use EasyPark

After you have accessed the EasyPark application, use this application to purchase the desired number of parking up to the amount of time specified on the signage. There are 2 parts to logging parking. P means the maximum amount of time you can legally park in the parking area. For example:

1P equals 1 hour of parking

2P equals 2 hours of parking

3P equals 3 hours of parking

4P equals 4 hours of parking

8 hours equals 8 hours of parking

P is equal to unlimited parking

Tickets/Phone means a charge applies. There are two ways of parking that can be purchased through the Easypark app or from the nearest parking meter. Do not leave your car unattended without purchasing an Easypark session or a ticket from the meter.

Discover feature EasyPark search

Just enter your destination into the EasyPark app and to find your navigation to an available parking spot easily. With find, no longer drive endless blocks around looking for space. Find not only navigates you to your destination, but it also helps you find available parking.

The search feature is available in Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Torino, Hamburg, Hanover, Salzburg, Cologne, Madrid, Rome, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Stavanger, Rotterdam and more."