Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi is a mobile E-hailing application available in 30 countries. The app allows users to book a taxi and track it in real time. The same iOS, Android, or Windows Phone app can be used in all places in which the partner taxis operate. Easy Taxi was founded in 2011 in Brazil and has since expanded globally, covering the network of 30 countries and more than 420 cities. In the same app, we offer you different services to move around the city: taxis, driver cars, scooters ... and soon there are more options. Download our app now and travel around the city quickly, cheap and safely.

Features of Easy Taxi:

- Call Taxi fast and easily

Don't waste time on hopelessly waving a taxi in the middle of the sun or buying beams. With Easy Taxi, you can easily call a Taxi with just one touch and never worry about being late.

- Taxi safely

Unlike many emerging Taxi companies, Easy Taxi drivers and partners are screened and trained to make sure they have a clean resume, expertise, and good skills. The Easy Taxi application allows you to view the driver's identity card and the vehicle directly on the application. If you lose your car, don't worry because you can track a taxi right on your handheld device. Easy Taxi always ensures safety for each passenger.

- Free download

Easy Taxi is a completely free application, without any other costs, completely voluntary tips gauge only start when the car runs.

- Excellent service

Easy Taxi's support team will contact your taxi driver to make sure it arrives on time. If anything goes wrong, Easy Taxi will always be there for you and there will never be a delay.

How to use Easy Taxi:


- Download Cabify and register.

- Choose which payment method fits you best: cash payment, card payment… the app will show which options are available in your city.

- We’ll show you the estimated journey price.

- Ready! A taxi will come to pick you up.

- Wait for the application to automatically locate your address using GPS

- Locate your location and click request taxi "Request taxi"

- Wait a few seconds for the system to register you for the nearest Taxi and show you the driver's position on the map.

- You need to create an account when booking a taxi. The application requires a good GPS and Internet connection. The inaccuracy in navigation may be due to an error from Google API, Waze, or Foursquare."