Earn to Die 3

Welcome to the hot and popular Earn To Die 3 games. Thought to have escaped from the zombies after finding the abandoned helicopter.

Earn to Die 3 for android is a fantastic racing game with an awesome dessert and zombie survival theme. Earn to Die 3's mission is still the same as the previous version, players will have to drive through hordes of zombies through many rugged terrains to reach the rescue ship, all you do to try to survive. At the beginning of the game, it will put you in the desert where you only have a broken car and a set number of cars. Your task is to destroy the number of zombies that appear on your way. In this version, the zombies are smarter and will do whatever it takes to let you fall out of the car. Join the game and unlock cars and upgrade weapons to be able to kill zombies more easily. You own a powerful dune buggy and you must traverse through the immense desert – the only problem is, however, is that you are surrounded by flesh eating zombies! You can see a rescue helicopter in the distance though so you must drive off and smash through the zombies to reach it!

Initially, you do not travel very far as your car gets damaged when smashing through the zombies. For each run you complete however you earn cash – you can use this cash to purchase upgrades to improve the durability of your vehicle. You can eventually buy completely new car models too and a range of deadly weapons. Can you escape the dry and dangerous desert and reach your escape transport?

Thought to have escaped the zombies after finding the abandoned helicopter. But, unfortunately, it’s a malfunction that keeps you from getting stuck. In the garage, there are still some cars that can be used. Will, you beat the deadly Zombie Road this time? Play Earn to die 3 and try to survive!

Features of Earn to Die 3 apk

- Interesting action gameplay

- Beautiful graphics, attractive charm

- Many different locations in the game are not boring

- Many different zombies will hinder you

- A variety of weapons systems can equip your vehicle

- Many upgrades improve car money and increase firepower

- Car driving game to reach the helicopter whilst ramming zombies along the way

- Plenty of attachments to buy, such as speed booster and weapon

- Buyable new car models, including a mighty truck

- Challenge mode to play after you completed story mode

How to play Earn to Die 3 game

- Use the arrow keys to control cars

- Use X or Ctrl to accelerate Nitro.

- W or up arrow to accelerate

- S or down arrow to brake

- AD or left/right arrow to tilte