Earn to Die 2 apk

Although its predecessor, download Earn to Die 2, is set in a remote desert, the newly launched Earn to Die 2 is set in an urban setting where players will always have to try to cross it. across the country to get to the evacuation zone to avoid the attacks of dangerous cannibals.

When entering the world of Earn to Die 2 apk, the player will be provided with a basic car, not the original upgrade to overcome the tough journey, with undead that can appear in any where. Restricting players by a certain amount of materials including gasoline and engine, you have to try your best to be able to go the longest distance possible.

In Earn to Die 2 download, you will have to race day by day to upgrade the car gradually, because without upgrading the car, you can never pass the map. And every time you "level" your car up, everything will be "cool" from tire parts, chainsaws that kill zombies, guns, engines,...

Earn to Die 2 game possesses levels of style "multistage", so that you can completely choose your own happenings at each level, by choosing between highways or underground tunnels inside. land. Not only that, you can unlock and upgrade 10 different vehicles, from sports car racing to ice cream van as well as equipped with extremely dangerous heavy weapons.

Features of Earn to Die 2

- Story Mode is completely new

- The multi-level levels

- Build the most powerful Zombie killing machine

- The more zombies, the more destruction, the more the upside down

How to play Earn to Die 2 game

- Keep your finger on the accelerator button all the time, but don't be too hard on the spin button

- No need to accelerate while you are going down the hill

- Focus your upgrade efforts on your engine and transmission

- There are two other vehicle upgrades you should focus on