Durango: Wild Lands

Durango: Wild Lands is an open world mobile game developed by What! Studio and published globally by Nexon - Korea's leading online game publishing company.

Durango is a mobile game in the role-playing role-playing genre, players will be placed in the prehistoric world with dinosaurs and many different types of monsters. With Durango, gamers can create their own world by exploring new lands, collecting materials and building tribes.

And to start a new life in Durango: Wild Lands there are rules that you need to know. The first is the ability to Survive, although not limited to the great achievements you will achieve in the future, but all players have the same extremely humble starting point.

With a rudimentary stone blade, this is not only the first tool you have for a career but also a weapon to protect yourself from the dangers lurking on a deserted island.

Rated as the most anticipated open world survival game of 2016 by Nexon-Durango. The genre of survival game is getting more and more attention and favorite of players when bringing an experience combining discovery, action, and adventure. Durango from South Korea is the HOT name among rivals when sponsored by the giant Nexon and possesses remarkable new content: bringing gamers back to the reign of dinosaurs.

Currently, Durango has officially launched. The game is supporting gamers with two servers to choose from, West and Asia, so Vietnamese gamers can choose any server to play. This international version is considered to be no major changes to the previous test versions. Interested gamers can download / install and learn more information at the Durango homepage.

Features of Durango: Wild Lands

• Explore a vast prehistoric world full of great dinosaurs, rich environments and islands with diverse flora and fauna

• Adventure and embrace your inner pioneer with intelligence and resources from the land

• Explore vast islands with different environments and more valuable content

• Explore and settle in the Individual, Domesticated and Civilized Islands - rally, hunt, craft, cook, build, build and expand your domain and capabilities

• Explore unstable Islands filled with resource values, domesticated dinosaurs and secrets