Duolingo apk

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free is an application that is very interested in users because it helps users to learn foreign languages ​​for free supporting multiple languages ​​and cross-platform activities, which is rated as one of the free language learning applications the most effective.

With the online learning application on Duolingo: Learn Languages Free, users will be trained to learn all 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. With a vocabulary, a sample of sentences will practice and practice over and over so that learners will remember what you've just learned. Especially in the listening song has 2 modes: normal speed and slow speed, for the user to choose. Therefore, this application promises to bring users many useful features to help you practice your foreign language skills effectively.

Features of Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

- This is an application for a completely free quality higher education program.

- This app has proven to be effective: Independent studies show that with only 34 hours of using Duolingo: Learn Languages Free you can learn as much as taking an entire semester at university level.

- The program is extremely interesting and addictive for users because you will learn by playing games. That will always delight with lots of levels of fun, achievements, points, virtual goods and more.

- The program is constantly updated to improve. We regularly evaluate how you study on the app, so your learning experience will get better and better.

- Not only English, Duolingo: Learn Languages Free also provides users with many popular languages ​​around the world to learn such as French, German or Spanish and more. With Duolingo, your foreign language learning will be more flexible, anytime, anywhere.

How to use Duolingo: Learn Languages Free App

Step 1. Go to the Duolingo: Learn Languages Free homepage and select the language used.

Step 2: The first time you use it, Duolingo: Learn Languages Free will ask you to register for an account. Fill out the information, especially select I want to learn English, then click Create account.

Step 3: Welcome Window! I am a Duo. Let's learn English appears with the icon very cute green owl. Click Continue to proceed to the next step.

Step 4. Here, select a Daily Goal window. We can choose the mode:

Easy: 5 minutes a day.

Medium: 10 minutes a day.

Difficult: 15 minutes a day.

Very difficult: 20 minutes a day.

Step 5: The English window appears. In this window there are 3 tabs: Learning, Friends, Shop. We learn English at the Learning tab.

Step 6: Basic English learning window 1 appears: this window is divided into 3 lessons. Or you can choose the Short Test to pass this Basic 1 lesson. However, if you want to learn carefully from the beginning, let's learn step by step to be sure with your knowledge.

Step 7: After finishing the basic lesson 1/3, it will be converted to basic 2/3 lesson, so on for all daily lessons.