Dungeon Boss is a new action role-playing game of Big Fish Games with cute graphics and familiar turn-based combat system. Playing game Dungeon Boss to participate in the role-playing screen fight monsters is quite simple, especially classic graphics that remind us of the blockbuster Minecraft. Although it is a type of tactical role-playing game in the dungeon, the funny cartoon graphics and simple gameplay make Dungeon Boss close to all players, including children and girlfriends. Can experience this game.

Dungeon Boss player's mission is to lead his team of heroes to fight in colorful dungeons and aggressive monsters, from the inferior soldiers to the giant monster bosses. Constantly recruiting more heroes and upgrading weapons, character skills to confront increasingly difficult missions.


- Collect heroes according to tactics: build teams, upgrade skills and skills to defeat monster bosses.

- Defeat enemies: use weapons and reasonable attack tactics in turn-based battles to defeat many powerful monsters.

- Try your luck: protect your dungeon from the attack of other players and plunder wealth in the enemy dungeon.

- Join a tournament event to rank up on the Leaderboard and earn valuable rewards.

- Use reasonable tactics to win: each hero will have its own strengths and weaknesses, choose the right team for each campaign.

- Connect with friends in the game and recruit troops to support combat.

Eye-catching with sharp 3D graphics, cute character images and diverse dungeons.

Dungeon Boss is a super fun monster-fighting RPG instead of creating a heavy and stressful feeling for players. It can be said that Dungeon Boss is like an "apprentice" version for new players to this tactical game series. You just need to collect a group of characters and fight in the small dungeon system through a turn-based attack mechanism. Each character will possess their own skills and abilities as well as attack stats based on its color. Red is stronger than green but weaker than blue...

In Dungeon Boss there are some factors you need to consider is Coin - the main currency in the game used to upgrade character skills. Energy is the energy used to enter dungeons, you will have a renewable energy every 6 minutes. Gem diamonds are used to buy high-quality items. Finally, the Hammer is used to upgrade the treasure chest and is found in the dungeon.

Dungeon Boss does not contain banners or advertising images that do not require players to watch advertising videos to receive rewards ... Of course, indispensable IAP packages like any free game for you to buy gaming items. This proves that Big Fish Games is very confident about its products and that players will spend their money to buy IAP instead of having to drag in other common ways.

Except for the additional data download and slow server connection when playing the game for the first time, it is hard to find any drawbacks in Dungeon Boss. This is a great option in the action RPG series that combines turn-based combat because it is quite simple and interesting at the first levels and the challenge level will increase in the following campaigns. Beautiful 3D graphics, colorful dungeon world, many hot game styles mixed together ... all make an attractive Dungeon Boss right from the first experience.