The DriveNow App allows your students and driving instructors to log their drive time in ways never before possible. Both your student and the instructor will download the DriveNow App and start it before beginning their drive. The pair will synchronize to match up for the drive, then while the phones are set down for distraction-free driving, the route will be logged. It tracks time for the student, lets them generate printable forms for all of their drive time, and stores the information for the school on the web app.

Find and reserve your DriveNow car in the app

• The closest car to you is automatically selected

• Use the car filter or swipe to find your desired type of car

• Reserve your car with one click

• You need more time? Extend your reservation

• No car available? Just set a Car Radar and let yourself be notified when there is one around

Ready - plan your trip in the app

• Enter your destination in the app and it will be sent to your car's GPS

• Book hourly packages

• Select between private or business trip

Find and open the car

• Navigate to your car

• You cannot find your car in the streets? Flash the lights

Manage your Entire rental process within the appAPP

• See the status of your current rental in the app

• Check how long you have been on the road or how many minutes are left of your hourly package

• Decide if you want to end your rental, park, fuel or charge the car

How to use DriveNow:

- Download the app and create an account.

- Share a “digital key” with a renter who has reserved your car.

- Leave the physical keys somewhere out of sight in your car. Renters will then use the DriveNow app to access the car and retrieve the keys.

- When the rental ends, the renter will no longer have access to your car.