Drive Safe

Drive Safe apk is a simple application that allows your phone to automatically answer every incoming text message while you're driving or busy. Just set the timer before starting the car and driving safely. Safe driving is the only app that helps you keep your eyes on the road when driving. So use this great safety driving app to prevent accidents and drive safely.

The app automatically turns off most data-based applications on Android phones while traveling at speeds greater than 5 mph but it allows for emergency contact, navigation, and emergency 911 calls while The application is active. It works primarily when the internal GPS senses that the phone is moving at a certain speed, it automatically activates incoming text blocking and social media on your Android mobile phone. When motion or driving has stopped, the application will automatically deactivate and your phone will return to normal operating mode.

Feature of Drive Safe

- Configure your phone to automatically answer selections or all contacts.

- Compose your own autoresponder message.

- Configure who knows your location.

Special features:

- Autostart: Automatically turn on Drive Safe when you are driving and disable when you leave the car. Turn on Autostart by pressing the menu button in the top left corner of the main screen.

- BLUETOOTH AUTO ON: Automatically turn on the Bluetooth phone when you start driving.

- Emergency mode: After 3 incoming calls from the same caller, Drive Safe will turn off. Create your own custom message for automatic replies, Choose not to send automatic replies to calls or to text.

Talking on cell phones is often considered to distract a driver and to increase the likelihood of an accident. Because of this, many governments have made the use of mobile phones while driving illegal. But we are all human and sometimes we neglect these rules. Drive safe in the city and avoid calls and messages while driving safely. Dr Safety prevents you from accidents and provides road safety. Stay safe and avoid these calls and SMS using the Safe Drive app and it will help you to be a safe driver. Blocking texting while driving helps keep you safe from accidents.

You only need to rely on swiping, tapping or voice to control navigation, change songs, contact friends and reply to messages without looking at the screen because when you get used to it , you'll notice that you just need to rely on our narrative, bright colors and large animations using your peripheral vision. Drivemode's automotive-grade interface is so secure that different carmakers like Honda are talking to us to build a Drivemode.