Drive and Park apk

If you like parking games, you will love Drive Park. There are many vehicles on the road.

Drive and Park is a driving game that puts you behind the wheel of tons of different vehicles that you have to try to park in their correct parked position. There are many vehicles on the road. Do not hit them and stop your car in the parking lot to pass the level. You must be fast while you are parking because traffic is continuing. Hurry up, driver! Show off your parking skills to everyone on the road. Be careful, if you park your car the wrong way, the police will catch you and that will be the game for you.

Drive and Park is a simple arcade game, without any story, so you won't know why you park all those cars and why you did it in such an insecure way. . Also, when you park enough cars in New York, you will be taken to Tokyo and then to other cities around the world. By successfully operating the parking lot, you will earn cash that you can use to unlock new cars to park across cities.

Features of Drive and Park

- Car park.

- Make money.

- Travel around the world and collect cars from each location.

How to play Drive and Park

The control system in Drive and Park is extremely easy. Just tap the screen in time to turn and hold your finger on the screen until the car is parked correctly. If you give it too early, it is bad, but if you give it too late, it is bad. When you are ready click the left mouse button to park the car on the road.

At the first level, an arrow tells you when to take a break and start skating, and when to drop your hand in the car park. This makes it easy to catch a 180-degree rotation, and quickly teach the parameters to a passing park.

Tips and tricks

-If you are parking slower, you will need to wait a little longer than usual before your turn. These cars are usually bigger than fast cars, so you will need to practice it a little to feel about it.

- Keep your turn a little longer than you really expected. It is better to be a bit late on your parking lot than soon. If you arrive early, you'll have to start over from that round (you can watch ads to continue). If you arrive a little late to park your car, you will only be at the curb but you will still get the money and keep running.

- To get the perfect park, you'll need to make sure it's located between the lines of the parking spot (you can walk a little on the road) and be perfectly lined up with the curb. It takes some practice to get this, but you will better understand it.

- On the other hand, if you are parking faster, you will need to enter the turn earlier than usual.

- Remember to log in every three or four hours to get a free pass! You can find these in the store (shopping cart icon).

- When you start having a few cars, you will want to keep your four options at the closest speed possible. This makes it easy to fit into your parking lot.