Dream Piano apk

Dream Piano - Music Game is a rhythm game in which you play some of the world's most famous songs by watching and playing falling notes at full speed from the top of your screen.

Quickly touch the music tiles, enjoy the music game and challenge your tapping speed!

Dream Piano - Music Game is the best piano music game waiting to be played!

This is a free music game, containing many types of songs. You can find many songs here.

The repertoire of this game only includes hits worldwide and some classical music. Beethoven's Fur Elise, Pachelbel's Canon, and even the main theme from Fast and Furious 7 are here for you to enjoy the music.

Dream Piano is an entertaining rhythm game, with some good songs to play. Moreover, the game is a bit easier than other similar games, so even if you have some risks, you can still play a bit.

Features of Dream Piano apk

- Breathing rhythm tiles will challenge your speed limit!

- Update many songs, original, classic, anime, pop and all styles to meet different flavors.

- Challenge More challenges, more rewards and a better music game, a better self.

- Simple graphics, different music tiles from other music games. Easy to play and everyone plays the piano!

- Top challenge mode with faster music slices gives you thrill and adventure!

- Update many songs, original, classic, anime, pop and all styles to meet different flavors.

- Save your progress via Facebook account and share the process in different devices.

- Share your music game record with your friends and compare with players around the world in the ranking list!

- High quality sound makes you feel like you're in a concert, more than just a music game.

How to playDream Piano apk

The mechanics in Dream Piano are practically identical to other similar games. A series of piano-like keys appear on the screen and you must press them properly to play the song you are aiming for. Try to type each color box from time to time with music, like you are trying to play the piano. Pressing the correct key means you will continue to play and listen to the song you have chosen. Score to tap the perfect tiles in time with the music and see how far you can go in the music biz. But if you make the smallest, smallest mistake with your notes - that's it.

Discover new music and even participate in weekly events to help choose which songs and tracks are added next. Maybe you will see your favorite song the next time you play Dream Piano

Although the gameplay is quite simple, getting a high score is not easy. Each time you finish a stage, you will receive points for leveling up and some notes corresponding to the number of points you gain. You can use these notes to unlock individual tracks in the Song function. This system provides a lot of popular music from Mozart, Beethoven, Yiruma or even Anime songs for you to play well. However, you need to have a higher level to unlock them. So work hard, to have more interesting music!