Dragon Mania Legends

Dragon Mania Legends apk is a very interesting farm game that combines turn-based fighting with the character of dragons with each kind of special ability to be nourished and tamed to fight against aggressive Vikings. This is a product of the famous mobile game company, Gameloft. And Dragon Mania Legends also has a separate version for Windows Phone operating system.

In this game, players will seek to build a living environment, a lodging for dragons after it was destroyed by the Viking tribe. There are many different species of dragons in the game so that players can freely choose to train and then go to battle based on the level in more than 100 locations in the world of Dragolandia.

Gameloft proudly praises Dragon Mania Legends as the most beautiful and interactive dragon fighting simulation game. One thing you should know, however, is that it seems all that this developer praises is true. Dragon Mania Legends comes with very unique 3D visuals and an interesting gameplay designed and built by Gameloft's Budapest Studio.

Features of Dragon Mania Legends

- Build a great dragon kingdom

- Many new and beautiful dragons

- Unleash the Dragon Fury and fight to win

- Visit and give gifts to people who play Dragolandia around

- Build shelter, habitat for special residents on his dragon island

- For the strongest dragons to breed healthy baby dragons

- Experience the game of raising dragons when feeding, cuddling and training them

- Collect and explore all kinds of different dragons

- Master the unique battle system unmatched

- Teach young dragons special skills

- Discover a vast, magical world with over 100 interesting places

- Face off and take out many opponents to win unique prizes

- The game possesses sharp graphics, colorful

How to play Dragon Mania Legends game

Dragon Mania Legends will provide a lot of instructions during the game so that players can easily get used to the necessary actions when starting. A variety of characters will appear to guide you through various missions including raising dragons, building empires and participating in fighting with the Vikings' dragons.

As the owner of a Dragon Island, you will be tasked with building buildings, training areas, academies, farms ... all for nurturing and training your Dragons. The number and types of Dragons in Dragon Mania Legends are not limited! You can use any two dragons then through the "reproduction" feature to create a new species.