Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is an emotional fighting RPG that players can feel when they first see its "shadow", taken from the super-special story "7 dragon balls" Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle promises to burn every passion you have. Currently players can download Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle for iPhone, iPad, SamSung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, LG, Kindle Fire, Google Nexus...

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle begins the journey with Trunks having an accident while traveling with his time machine. Trunks accidentally lost in an inverse world, where countless Dragon Ball characters are constantly fighting. Now before the timeline is broken, Trunks' task will be to collect companions to bring the world back to the order it was before.

The gameplay style of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a combination of turn-based combat mechanics and puzzle elements that are quite similar to the extremely popular Match-Three genre. There, gamers will hold a squad of characters from the Dragon Ball world, regardless of good and bad. Each person will carry on themselves a power index, a way of fighting with the representative is the corresponding energy balls. Successfully connecting the same color energy balls into a straight line leading to the opponent's position, the player will activate and increase the damage when his party hit the field. Each type of ball, of course, will have a mutually supportive, weak but one-strong analogy to the other, which requires some thought before the player chooses to activate it.

In fact, the gameplay of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is quite simple and familiar as many RPGs on Mobile today, where gamers can freely collect and enhance the squad through countless Many different items. Even if the warrior's "realm" has reached its peak, you can put them into "Awaken", unleash your power to a whole new level and continue your journey of development.

With a fairly new gameplay, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle can dismiss the simplicity through the first look in the eyes of gamers, can even let you feel comfortable and attentive to the experience for many hours. More specifically, we also have the opportunity to go along with the characters Dragon Ball Dragon sticking through the years of childhood, something that hardly any product today meets


- Super unique storyline

- Nice graphics, good sound, clear images, beautiful skills

- The game space is large, high, beautiful and magnificent

- Diverse character system, rich tasks

- Interesting way of playing, combining strategy and role-playing team very well


Step 1: You will see a screen displaying a familiar character - Sir Santa "Ruffled". Click on the screen and select Download to download another small packet

Step 2: Tap on Touch Start to start, then agree with the conditions of the game given by clicking Accept / OK.

Step 3: Select Accept All to accept the whole condition, and move the 2 pieces below to the missing part in the sample picture to confirm the player

Step 4: You can watch the introduction video game (it is also quite good) or select Skip to skip.

Step 5: This is the interface for you to set up your character and game, left click on:

Enter Nickname: Name the character

Select Friend: Choose your playmates (if any) or select opponents in the To the Tournament section below

Select Start (red): Start the competition

Step 6: The game interface Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle appears as a corner of the board game Seahorse. You can choose the moves (2 - 3 - 4) below so that the model character (Songoku as a child) moves the same steps.