Drag n Merge: Block Puzzle

Drag n Merge: Block Puzzle is a very interesting puzzle game with quite brain-damaging numbers, but it helps to train intelligence every day effectively. By grouping the same numbers to consolidate into a larger number, the more you create the bigger the number, the more points and opportunities you have to compete with your friends on the leaderboards. This game has minimalist graphics that are easy to observe, a game for all ages, good educational. Although the game is easy to learn at first glance, it is difficult to achieve high results because the puzzles of numbers always make you think long.

Features of Drag n Merge: Block Puzzle

Just drag blocks onto another one with the same number, merge them into a larger number and you can move up to a new level.

Drag n Merge: Block Puzzle can match the same numbers, is a collection of brain-riddling puzzles with simple graphic design and helps you compete with friends everywhere.

Drag n Merge is a thinking game with a combination of the classic brick-and-mortar game on the old handheld game console, just has the number matching factor like the game that once "fevered" 2048. This makes Drag n Merge is like a new wind, impressing the community of gamers who love the puzzle genre. Still the squares with numbers but the way to move in this game is quite special and not simple. The player's goal is to move and merge cells of the same color (with the same value) to form the largest square blocks with orange color in the number 20. In Drag n Merge: Block Puzzle, you can match 2 cells of the same value are far away from each other, as long as it has room to move. In addition, the value of the third cell created is only 1 unit larger than the previous 2 cells. For example, combining two cells 2 and 3, pairing with 10 gives 11. Therefore, reaching the "max size" of 20 is not an easy journey.

The hardest thing about Drag n Merge: Block Puzzle is that you have limited time. Therefore, players must make decisions quickly without thinking or calculating carefully. The trick is that if the numbers are too confusing and difficult to see, make use of color to quickly make accurate moves.

After a period of time, the colored blocks will be pushed up. This is both an opportunity for you and your life is difficult because there will appear more appropriate color blocks, but also increase the difficulty of the game screen. Until the colored blocks fill the screen and you cannot move or match more games the game is over.

To maintain the game screen long and get high scores, you need to have tactics to move, merge the boxes clearly, untangle difficult situations and create new moves.

How to play Drag n Merge: Block Puzzle game

Use the mouse to move the number cells, merging 2 numbers with the same value to create a new number cell that is one unit larger than it. This fun game will help you increase your thinking skills, acumen and race against time.