Don’t Touch The Spikes

Don't Touch The Spikes is an attractive and dramatic action game because of its simple gameplay but requires players to be skillful and persistent. Coming from the makers of cult games like Stick Hero, Ninja Spring, Ketchapp once again want to challenge players with birds flying in a tight space and flying with no stops. Do not be afraid that any difficulties will come, try each step to become the fastest winner.

The game is a combination of Flappy Bird and another famous game, Pong. It has the addictive style of Flappy Bird, where even you will die, you want to do it over and over again. You can actually play this game for hours and not get bored! You might be a bit discouraged, but that will not prevent you from playing over and over again.

In this game, the player's task is to control the small bird that flies over the screen without touching and the spines move and change unexpectedly 4 sides. Each point will be counted for each flight over the central circle icon. You try to score yourself as many points as possible and control the character to eat as much candy as possible, if collected enough candy needed, you can buy more birds. Not just control the little bird, you can also play some more interesting modes such as: digging diamonds, playing 2 people, duel, picking diamonds in the forest.

This is a game that will leave you impressed. There are times when the game is really inhibited by the difficulties created. But just trying to overcome you will be easy to quickly touch the final destination and win. By owning simple gameplay from graphics and sound, but the game still creates its own appeal. Quickly find yourself a safe landing on the platform by rotating it, avoiding spikes and collecting rewards. Do not touch spikes, because they are dangerous.

Features of Don’t Touch The Spikes

This interesting game has constantly improved for itself many interesting features to bring but great experience for players such as:

- Make little birds fly! Do not touch the icy spikes! How far can you make it?

- Bring players 25 new challenges for players to complete and enjoy the good things here.

- There are 14 new birds to unlock with 2 new helmets in a diamond digging game mode

-Enjoy the amazing touch of smooth and sleek corner movement. This feature will make you extremely excited.

- You can touch left or right to rotate the compass 360 degrees

- Collect as many phaamrr objects for yourself to achieve a higher score as possible.

- Check the time to have your reactions and reflexes.

- There are simple and intuitive functions

- The game brings a colorful interactive design that makes it extremely beautiful

- Addictive speed and fast with many new bonus rounds

How to play Don’t Touch The Spikes game

- Click on the game to control the bird soaring to avoid the sharp spikes