Dollify helps you create cute images to use for your purposes, like creating an avatar for your virtual nick, sending messages or sharing with friends. You can change the skin color, eye color, hair color ... and many other things according to your creativity and all are completely free.

Features of Dollify

Dollify app has 14 different categories, including many features like skin color, hairstyle, eye color, ... very easy to use and you will create lots of unique shapes.

Just choose among different categories to change the look of your character. Together with different items to choose from and their color variations will create a unique combination.

First, you will be given a template with absolutely nothing, you will be based on the templates and designs available to choose the right shape for your character. First, you need to choose the gender of your character, then, choose the color you like among many different skin colors like yellow, brown, white ... Customize many details. other like eyes, nose or lips, hair color, ... The selection is very diverse with many different styles for you to choose from. The characteristics of your character are most closely related to everyday life.

In addition, you can add small details as well as modern and stylish fashion accessories for you. From clothes, necklaces, glasses, ... along with a lot of different choices.
Here you can create your own unique style, unlike any fashion label or anyone.

When you're done creating your own products, you can also save images to your smartphone's storage or share them quickly on any social network. Create beautiful pictures of dolls and use them as avatars in any app or social network or use them in messages.

You can create an unlimited number of characters, write and store unlimited characters, write and change the font size as well as colors, fonts.

This is a great application, helping you create countless cute and unique avatars, free to create your own style, strong cohesion, and interaction on social networks.

The application is compatible with most Android devices, iOS, computers and completely free, suitable for all types of players, so many people have downloaded it. You can play Dollify online or download it to play anytime.

The application is downloaded very quickly and easily. You only need to download at our website to ensure the most accurate and effective application.

Notifications about application changes will be updated regularly so that users can get the best experience.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the manufacturer to improve the application.