Video streaming apps to broadcast live over the Internet, such as Twitch or Periscope, haven took online communications to the next level. Thanks to the latter, we can follow all sorts of live events and these apps have now also contributed to the broadcast of live video gaming sessions. Amongst the latter, we have to point out DLive with a slightly different business approach.

DLive app is the official DLive.io application, the first decentralized online video streaming community that offers users the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies. In fact, everything you earn or give through the platform is STEEM.

DLive's mission is to create a value-sharing streaming platform, empowering creators and viewers through the revolutionary reward system.

In fact, the famous YouTuber, the most popular Youtuber in the world today, has approved this app to the extent that he airs on it. This service provides us with a model based on the decentralized Lino Blockchain network, intending to provide greater control to creators for their content with a better reward system for the generated output. out by their video. Instead of a platform, it wants to be a community that rewards viewers for watching videos, chatting, sending gifts through apps, or sharing content.

Features of DLive

- Reward viewers

Make money by watching the stream and engaging with streamers.

- Direct notification

Follow and watch your favorite live streamers. Get notified right away when your favorite creator goes live.

- Do not cut platforms from creators

DLive respects content creators and believes that your rewards belong to you and that is why DLive doesn't cut platforms for users.

- Hundreds of games

Explore countless different types of content including PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends.

- Super friendly community

Be part of a community of mutual support. The community can participate in the ownership of the platform by guiding the future of DLive. Join the DLive family now.

DLive app registered users can watch the live streaming from other users and leave a comment. Of course, you also start your own broadcast. That way, anyone can share their content in seconds whether it's a game from a popular video game or anything else.

Besides being able to stream, you can also record and upload videos using DLive. You can also watch a large number of videos that you will find inside the platform. Most videos talk about gaming, but you can also find tutorials, music videos, and more.

DLive is not just a live streaming platform, it is a community. At DLive, we are changing the entire game by putting platform ownership in the hands of our users through blockchain technology. DLive users are rewarded for their contributions as the platform grows. Your contributions are always appreciated.