Digital Compass

Digital Compass is one of the best compass and navigation apps on mobile, a digital compass that can be used for most of your outdoor activities like travel, picnicking, and plugging. camp, hiking or boating. With Digital Compass, no matter where you are, what you do will never get lost.

Digital Compass is the most accurate smart compass and is a great tool to use for most of your outdoor activities with compass galaxies such as travel, picnics, hiking, camping or Rowing. This application allows you to determine the direction (bearing, azimuth or degree) that you are currently facing. Construction Digital compass using gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, gravity of equipment. Make sure your device has an accelerometer and magnetometer otherwise it won't work.

This is a smart application that automatically adjusts the difference between true and magnetic north for any compass location such as an android compass and also provides the latitude and longitude coordinates of the routes.

You can find your way easily through the new compass with the best GPS map compass and compass app. Digital compass for Android is a free compass application. Digital GPS compass can be used for most of your outdoor activities.

Digital Compass is a fast and free compass GPS application. This is the most accurate offline compass app and supports high definition screens. Smart Compass for Android is a true Android compass, showing the real-time orientation of the device with a magnetic field and real northern positions.

The application also finds qibla direction to search for bearings (azimuth compass) using magnetic sensors integrated with the compass pro. And the smooth and natural rotation of the compass looks like a real compass sensor with the same compass for Android.

Features of digital compass

- Display current location (longitude, latitude, address)

- Show altitude

- Display of magnetic field strength

- Show angel slope

- Show the current exact status

- Sensor status display is available on this device

- Add directional marker markers

How to use a digital compass:

Digital Compass is very easy to use application. After downloading and opening the application, you can completely search for what you require. Besides, the digital compass has a design quite time, direct user interface, allowing using the highest screen resolution to view images. You will receive information on directions, shown in different colors. If the compass is not oriented correctly, you can check if it is affected by the magnetic field. Own this app now so you can determine the direction (bearing, azimuth, or degree) you are currently facing.