Diep.io APK is one of the first multiplayer tank battles super games. There is a large selection of tanks, a lot of players and levels, weapons upgrading, various game modes and so on. You start as a weak tank. Then you upgrade your skills and abilities, your level increases deep and you become bigger and stronger tank. Diep.io is a new addition in which you control a tank and shoot down both opponents and obstacles. This lets you upgrade your tank while you try to survive as long as possible. The main goal is to upgrade your tank up to level 45. To achieve this, you have to break colored figures and destroy tanks of other players and you must upgrade your tank three times. In Diep io game, like similar to games, you must get the leaderboard, but in this case, other players will see your tank and can quickly detect you.

Diep.io is a massive online multiplayer game in which the player controls a moving tank around a flat surface that represents a battlefield filled with multiple polygons. The player level up when destroying squares, triangles, pentagons, and other tanks, thus generating experience points that are used to make upgrades. The purpose of the game varies by model.

Tens of thousands of people are playing Diep.io daily. Join the army of fans of the game: install the guide for Diep.io tanks online and get access to a detailed description of the tanks, classes and branches development. Want to know what the tanks will help you win the battle against the Necromancer class or Spread Shot? Which tactics to choose the game for Assasin class or Hybrid? Then go ahead: download the application, study builds, crumble the top 10 and win first place on the server.

FEATURES of Diep.io

- Online multiplayer action!

- Dozens of players in each game!

- Fast-paced tank on tank warfare!

- Level up a variety of stats!

- Upgrade into many different tank classes!

- Easy to play but challenging to master!

- Free to play!

- What modifications are available with the upgrade of the tank for 15, 30 and 45 levels;

- What characteristics to swing to defeat the other players;

- Which strategy to choose in the game for the tank;

- Against which classes you an advantage in battle;

- With some tanks, it is better not to get involved in the fight.

How to play Diep.io game

Use WASD to move your tank around, and your mouse to aim and shoot.