Dead Space

Dead Space is a famous horror action game. The game revolves around the journey of Isaac Clarke, an engineer working for Concordance Extraction Corporation (C.E.C). The group operated a spacecraft for the collection of space resources, under the name USG Ishimura. Everything went smoothly until CEC received a call for help from USG Ishimura, so Isaac and 4 other colleagues together on the USM Kellion relief spacecraft to orbit the planet Aegis 7, where Ishimura died. distress. And the journey of survival begins when they encounter the bloodthirsty alien monsters "Necromorphs" are occupying this place.

When participating in the game, you will be scared by the strange monsters that you need intuitive controls focused on dramatic action scenes. With integrated screen features control extremely easy to help you easily control, move. This is an excellent shooter with realistic graphics and sound effects. You will move to search for new monsters. There are several weapons in the game, part of which is a tool to produce mountains, which can also be dueled. You need to use all your expertise to be able to master the game, making your hero the winner.

Features of Dead Space

Dead Space is a game from manufacturer Electronic Arts Nederland BV, with a horror science-action game with outstanding features that attracted a lot of attention of many players of different ages :

-This is a game with an extremely interesting storyline that not any game can own. Besides this is a game with many attractive game modes that take players from one surprise to another.

- There are 4 maps in the game for players to unleash the secrets

- There are 5 skills to perform the skill full of eyes.

- There will be countless different equipment for players to choose from. Each item will bring different uses.

- In the game, players will be combined with impressive combo attacks. Accompanied by the extremely sharp 3D graphics system, along with extremely sophisticated lighting effects combined with live river sound will give you the feeling of great gaming experience not to be missed.

How to play Dead Space game

The game is not difficult for players to control, with extremely simple and modern gameplay, virtual keys do not appear on the touch screen. Die moves, fights and avoids enemy attacks quite easily.

The game screen in the game is quite wide and has many floors, many "niches" different. Sometimes you will have to go around to collect useful items scattered somewhere on the map. Because the map is full of details, it is entirely possible that you will be disoriented for the next mission. Therefore, you need to keep calm to be able to handle the situation in the best way.