Dead Paradise

If you are passionate about speed, bunkers and even action-packed gun battles, then download and conquer Dead Paradise, a shooting racing game that offers an experience that meets all your wishes.

Welcome to Dead Paradise for Android - a racing game with battles between bunkers on the road of death. Select and "level" your death vehicle, upgrade weapons and put an end to all opponents. Become a legend in apocalyptic races, make enemies tremble in fear and show them who is the best racer.

Dead Paradise for Android allows you to drive different cars and use the massive upgrade warehouse. Upgrade the machine guns and guns to earn the power and destructive power for the car. Armored vehicles to reduce damage and level of destruction from enemies.

The graphics in Dead Paradise are really well done, immersing you in a vibrant 3D world. As you pass different levels, you will race in different situations. You can also change your vehicle and even recruit other characters to become part of the championship team.

The game possesses many different spatial contexts from cities, deserts, canyons to remote suburbs. Each fight scene is different, gamers are in a completely new context. Graphics in the game are old-fashioned but "underground", bold action.

In Dead Paradise, horrible and fierce races are waiting for you in this fascinating new launch game. You will be driving a car fully loaded with heavy weapons and on the track with other players

Features of Dead Paradise

Explore and destroy

Crush and incinerate your enemies in a fierce action car racing battle against awesome graphics. Survive the death races, complete goals and get resources to unlock new weapons, armor and vehicles. Join the death races and defeat the opponent to achieve the goal. Compete with 5 unique bosses and avoid explosions, obstacles on the road, bullets in every battle.

World apocalypse

Welcome to New America - the apocalyptic world of death, murder, destruction and evil enemies. Discover more than 90 levels with different locations: city, desert, canyon, suburbs ... The difficulty of the game increases with each screen.

Show your enemies real rage of death

Do you like car clash, crazy race and shooting racing game with action elements, explosions and crazy driving? Do you love apocalyptic games with awesome graphics? Dead Paradise Android is exactly what you need. Defeat more than 15 types of enemies from conventional cars to heavy tanks.
Fight against the boss to earn resources. That is the most dangerous enemy in the game. You need to be ready to confront them. Upgrade all combat vehicles, weapons and armor, defeat the enemy and destroy the boss.