De Lijn

Using public transport in an unfamiliar city is always a bit difficult. Free application from De Lijn removes its stress.

This application is a small tour guide that you can store in your bag or pocket. You can find nearby bus stops, call last time at the bus stop, and buy SMS tickets without a problem. You even get a warning when you need to get off.

De Lijn gives you all the information you need, so you can attack on unfamiliar routes without stress or worry.

Features of De Lijn

- Plan routes from A to B in Flanders (De Lijn, STIB, NMBS, TEC)

- Set alerts for drivers

- Activate routes for directions from departure to destination with relevant reports on, among other things, unforeseen disruptions

- Buy a digital shipping ticket

- Save routes and stops for quick and easy reuse

- Find nearby stops

- Sync favorites with the website via account

How to use De Lijn

The De Lijn application facilitates public transport travelers to track mobile GPS on their journeys. The application knows which user streams are turned on and when it should be turned on or off. Notice instructing passengers to their final destination.

Tourists use Google StreetView to request an interactive map at each stop. This makes traveling more transparent and interactive, making any environment come alive.

With the application as a service channel, De Lijn meets the travel needs of thousands of customers every day. Passengers plan and save complete routes, including boarding and boarding points, connections, and disruptions. Unique is a handy exit alert.