DB Navigator

DB Navigator is an online train ticket purchase application in Germany, allowing residents to book your tickets quickly and transport in the area or long distance. DB Navigator will provide users with real-time information on departure times and destinations with push notifications. That said, although the app allows you to check itineraries for trains in Spain or France, you can only buy tickets for German trains.

Using DB Navigator is as simple as entering the departure city and destination. In a few seconds, you'll have the shortest route available and even better, being able to go through all the alternatives to see if there's a way that's right for you.

One very interesting thing about DB Navigator is that it shows you all the information related to the train you are about to take. For example, if a train has only available seats in the first-class cabin, it will show you that. Similarly, you can get information about the services the train offers: cafeterias, TVs, silent cars, etc.

Features of DB navigator:

- DB Navigator is supported on Android devices so you can order train tickets online, select seats for regional and long-distance travel in Germany.

- The app provides information about departure times, transfer points, and destinations, push notifications will always be promptly sent to you, available on Android Wear.

You simply swipe left via the desired connection, check the reservation details and by swiping right via the red button with the train you will receive a ticket.

- DB Navigator allows you to manually check your accommodations, be notified in case of a schedule change, delay, and track changes by e-mail or push notification.

- It's also the most economical train ticket finder, the graphical seat screen provides an overview of the seats available on the train and lets you choose the seat you want to book in advance.

- Bicycle transfer service.

How to use DB navigator:

DB Navigator is a great app for all travelers who regularly take the train. Once you have installed the application, you need to log in with your registered account. Here you can view the map, find the itinerary, load purchased tickets, ... You can enter the address of the place of departure and destination. Each city has an app to find its own route and buy a device, but it can be used for all cities. After loading the ticket to the machine, you can show the ticket control code on the phone + ID karte.