Day R Survival

Day R Survival is an extremely special action game. When the war happened, in just a few days, the whole country became a radioactive wasteland - violence, hunger and sickness. You need to fight, survive this battle, cross the whole country and save your family after the nuclear war.Do not know if your family is still alive or if radiation and deadly viruses have approached surname. You will wander through cities, lands, and forests to find resources and turn it into something that will help your survival. Explore shelters and abandoned buildings. Find weapons and build traffic using different materials.

Features OF Day R Survival

Surviving a radioactive battle is not easy. You will face zombie characters and countless plagues and injuries, fighting all to survive. Your weapons are all manual: weapons, clothing and transport.

Real world: With a vast Soviet map of many towns and cities being destroyed, you need to survive in the forest and hunt, but be careful: even a mouse can make you seriously injured.

Mechanism of gameplay in the game in real-time mode: when your character moves or searches for something, the time in the game will flow, leading to your hunger and thirst will also increase steadily. So the consideration for the actions in the game is very necessary because if you do not calculate carefully the amount of food and water you are carrying, you will probably die.

Endless possibilities: You will be equipped with a lot of ammunition, acquired skills and hundreds of crafting recipes, finding useful objects or weapons (from tables and chairs, wood chips, bottles of mineral water for to canned food) and create other items to protect your body.

People and stories: You will be supported by allies while on missions.

Improve your skills: skills practiced through your actual combat: mechanics, chemistry, survival, and more.

The zombies in the game will appear constantly making you reeling and no time to rest.

The game has 3 levels and 1 expansion:

- Easy - Tutorial: Beginners can get used to the game with abundant resources and stats will take longer to make you die or harder to die

- Easy - One life: For those who have a good understanding of the rules of the game, how to survive, how the game works because I only have one unique network, it will help us think rationally in situations.

- Normal: This level is average, good food will fall out less and will be more harsh than Easy.

- Hard: For those who have enough experience, know the special survival tips, where to go, how to eat, and above all be careful on every step.

What you need to do is familiarize yourself with the way to play, learn the storyline for the best experience. In this way of survival, I will only give a few tips to help you easily establish the thinking of "durable dress" to make life easier.

How to play Day R Survival GAME

Join the battle for survival and feel the excitement of this game. You will slide on the screen so your character moves throughout the map and click on what you find ....