Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises apk is a long-awaited role-playing action game because of the fascinating action game Darkness Rises helps players have the experience of going through the very interesting storyline of this game. With crazy slashing gameplay and beautiful graphics, you will be fighting the extremely attractive, engaging game storyline.

Darkness Rises features beautiful graphics, creative gameplay, and challenging boss battles. From Berserker to Wizard, choose yourself a hero character from several character classes to suit your play style. Destroy the demons with a series of powerful skills or unleash them in the fight against other players around the world. Conquer the darkness before darkness dominates you in Darkness Rises.

Join Darkness Rises, players will be able to choose 1 of 4 monster classes including Warrior, Wizard, Berserker, and Assassin, each class has its own advantages and disadvantages consistent with each player's style of play. You will enjoy the extremely unique skill set when playing each different character class, each character will have a unique role in each match and you must know how to take advantage of that to be able to win. enemy.

Features of Darkness Rises

The game has a number of outstanding features that bring satisfaction to players such as:

Fight the boss

- You will have the opportunity to participate in challenging boss battles, test your skills as you venture deeper into the abyss.

Stunning graphics images

- Eye-catching, high-quality images that bring you greatness and truly immerse yourself in the world of Darkness.

Breakthrough gameplay

- Use the ability to control the soul to take control of monsters and turn your enemies against themselves.

Raid the dungeon

- You recruit allies and friends in the guild to explore dungeons, discover and loot rare items.

Besides the above features, the game also allows players to customize their character appearance almost the whole. A feature that not every game of the same genre has. Not only allows you to customize the hair, face, body shape of the model with the available models but also allows players the ability to customize the size of the body parts of the character.

In addition, the game also allows you to ride on the bosses or monsters that you defeat in that game screen. There will be levels, you destroy a ferocious dragon, and use revitalizing magic to revive as the amount.

How to play Darkness Rises

After completing the update, gamers proceed to log in to the account to play the game. The game has account types to choose from, Guest, Facebook or Google. Gamers can also use Facebook or Google account when you maintain login status is also very easy to enter the game. And using this type of account is more secure. Besides, you can actually use the Guest account type to enter the game immediately.