Dancing Line

Dancing Line apk is a speed game combined with extremely creative music, offering a great experience. The task of the player just clicks and clicks to lead a piece of string through the situation, turn left and right to avoid obstacles, and create melodious melodious melodies.

Players will guide a colored line through a variety of different areas, listening to the music very carefully. Every time you touch the screen, the line will change direction to the left or right to avoid obstacles and react to the constant changes of the world ahead. You need agility and flexibility to respond quickly to obstacles ahead to quickly get the right direction so you don't fail.

At the first level, you can start with slow motion to guide through the environment. The sharp turning point that makes strong changes is difficult to execute at high speed. Meanwhile, the slow speed turns into faster and faster. Obstacles will appear without your realizing it and it's hard to avoid them without guidance. As the pace switches to faster mode, you should know that obstacles appear. To create a difficult situation, the beat and the music may not be in synchronization mode. If you lose track and defeat, then the obstacle comes immediately.

Features of Dancing Line

This is a pretty interesting game, bringing a lot of interesting things for players not only because of the challenges that the game brings but the game leaves a special impression on players because of its interesting features, such as:

- Many great kinds of music is carefully selected.

- There are many levels with increasing difficulty.

- Simple game mode, experience the game with just one finger.

- Music is the key to your direction.

- With color designs, shapes but not rough, Dancing Line players are painting beautiful landscape paintings in many different areas, from the yellow forest to the blue sea, from white snow places to the arid desert.

How to play Dancing Line game

- Listen to music, lead a piece of string through situations, turn left and right to follow the music by hitting the screen, avoid obstacles, and play under changing situations.

- This game uses sound as a guide when obstacles come to you. This is a simple game, but you have to focus on the path you will take. Each level will go faster and complicated. At certain times, you find that music and motion don't sync properly, you should be careful to control movement.

- The cube is the power source to run and the player must wait until the cube is full to start over. You have two options as additional conditions. There are 24 block hours and get 50 blocks with payment. Each of them will support your game until the level is complete.