Cut The Rope

Cut the Rope is a popular entertainment game on Anhdroid and iOS devices, the story of a frog named Om Nom has a bad habit is very greedy. The green frog is hungry and the only thing it needs is to cut the rope lets the candy fall into its mouth. But don't forget to collect stars and break bubbles along the way. The system of stars is scattered in the screen play of Cut the Rope creating a very high challenge. With the first screen play, the collection of all 3 stars is quite easy, the later, this job becomes more difficult and always makes players have to brainstorm to find the most reasonable solution.

The way to play is simple: you will have to find a way for the candy that hangs from the string to hit the frog's mouth to succeed. And do not forget to "eat" all the scattered stars as well as breaking bubbles in the process of moving candy, doing so your score will increase significantly. To be able to play this game, you will use your finger to lightly touch the screen to cut the string holding the candy. The gameplay is simple but requires you to be skillful, persistent, quick on tricks in calculating math so that after eating the star, when all the wire is cut, the candy will fall into the frog's mouth, if the candy falls out 3 times you will get a "game over" signal immediately. The difficulty level of the game will be increased gradually with each round of the game. The game has a beautiful interface, fun music will definitely help you relieve the pressure in daily work.