Crossy Road

Crossy Road apk is a game to bring chickens across the road extremely attractive on the iOS platform. Recently this game has been available on the Android platform, opening up more opportunities for gamers to experience more.

Crossy Road is not really a game with many new ideas, it was made based on the obstacle game on the Commodore 64 platform before. However, thanks to the way to improve the gameplay, bringing Crossy Road a very cute graphic coat and many new features have made this fast game quickly win the hearts of many gamers.

Why is chicken crossing the road a quite famous question? The purpose of this game is not to answer that question but simply to help the chicken cross as many roads as possible, of course, in good condition.

The challenge lies not only in traffic that does not know the traffic, but also obstacles on the road or rivers, making jumping on each drift of wood is the only way to overcome. In addition, the game's screen keeps moving forward so if you try to stand still and wait, you will be passed by the screen and die (in Contra or "dragging the picture"). Therefore, the constant brain tension as well as continuous manipulation to move forward non-stop will be the main factors causing a sense of inhibition for the player. But the more you inhibit, the more you want to revenge and the desire to achieve a new score, which is the eternal rule of many pixel graphic mini games of this type.

Features of Crossy Road

Collect over 50 retro style characters, inspired by popular art

Passing streets, rails, the lines follow the game of runner

Avoid traffic jam in the land of candy with Android Robot

Simple, pure, creative gameplay

Free to play

How to play Crossy Road game

How to play the game is also very simple, you just need to find a way to overcome the cars, the pitfalls are rushing to you quickly to cross the road, further forward, with every step you will record more Get a point and compete on the leaderboards. However, the reality is always rough with a path too many traps like this, players must be extremely skillful and quick, thinking of the directions as accurately as possible to be able to score many points. For me, because the later, the number of traps will be more and more complex and make it difficult for you to score.