Cross DJ Free

Cross DJ Free is a professional and completely free DJ software. With this application, users can combine multiple songs together, using effects to create a high quality mix.

Cross DJ Free supports computer users who can create audio files of their own style, this program allows users to mix different tracks into a soundtrack with new and different sounds. This program is compatible and works stably on Windows operating systems.

Cross DJ Free allows you to combine audio and video files with different formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, OGG... with the chat tools used to create unique new music tracks. unique. This is a MIDI DJ application that supports creating music from MIDI files at a fast speed and extracting high quality music tracks.

With Cross DJ Free, users can mix all kinds of sounds together, creating individual color mixing scenarios. Many effects are also integrated for users to complement the music. The extracted music tracks can be edited for volume, pitch and other parameters as desired by the user.

Cross DJ Free supports drag and drop on the program interface, browse music from folders on the computer and transfer to the program window. You can also monitor the mixing process and make adjustments if necessary.

Features of Cross DJ Free

- Support mixing music

- Fast processing speed

- Preview music tracks

- Manage music collection

- User friendly interface

How to use Cross DJ Free

All you need to do is add the music track or the whole playlist to the automatic queue, then Cross DJ will handle the rest. Note that transitions between tracks will be smooth and customized. Select the transition time and activate the automatic synchronization mode. Edit the order of the music track, remove some parts or let them arrange randomly. If using other applications, take advantage of the default control system to skip music tracks or stop playing music.

Mixvibes also added the Auto Gain feature to the updated version of Cross DJ Free. Accordingly, the entire track is played at the same volume level - this is a useful feature when mixing old songs with new songs. Changing recording technology does not affect the quality of music mix. In addition, Cross DJ Free also focuses on the audio balance, making it easy to handle on the phone screen.

Cross DJ Free is a music mixing application with a simple interface, easy to access even for beginners to use, supports drag and drop with your mouse to browse files right from your computer. and start doing the work. The step-by-step user instructions for installation and use give you quick access to the program's functions."