Criminal Case Game

Criminal Case Game will help you experience the feeling of judgment. In this game you will solve a series of murder cases, investigate the crime scene to find clues, put suspects in to interrogate and analyze evidence to catch murderers.

Features OF Criminal Case Game

The game is free of charge however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please turn off the in-app purchase feature in the device's settings.

You will play as a detective to solve murder cases, find related clues at the crime scene by clicking on items in the scene. The clues are searched according to the name tags at the bottom of the screen. The fast lead position is rewarded with a larger score. You will get support when no item is found by clicking the circle at the bottom of the screen. However, these suggestions are limited. After searching for clues at the scene, you will get a hint to search for the murderer's weapon and thereby get closer to identifying the killer. After completing the search for clues, players earn stars that can later be used as a currency to perform necessary tasks such as checking evidence and questioning suspects. At the end of all cases, the player is presented to all suspects and must arrest people who meet each criteria achieved during the investigation. If the decision is correct, the case is resolved. To unlock the next case, the player is also required to complete the chapter after the indictment has been resolved, allowing the player to receive the report and eventually move on to the next case, although this procedure is not required. show in any of the tutorial cases. There are also puzzle elements and various progressive and bonus features integrated into the game.

Investigating a crime scene in a grim and corrupt city, the crime scene is sprawling and it's hard to find clues.

You can play with your friends to become the best detective.

This game is not for children too young, for people over 13 because the murders are horrific that can affect their psychology.

The rich crime scene with fascinating details will bring you interesting experiences.

How to play Criminal Case Game

Click on the items on the scene with the name given in the boxes at the bottom, in turn complete the task and come to the conclusion to find the killer. These suggestions will help you in difficult times. Wish you will have moments of fun gaming.