Construction Simulator 2

Construction Simulator 2 is the sequel to the builder game. Here you will experience more than 40 vehicles and construction machines that were originally licensed and recreated by world-renowned manufacturers and brands. You can work together to complete 60 construction jobs. Dig holes with multiple excavators, while another player transports excavated materials to a gravel factory. In an advanced game, you can work on up to three construction sites at the same time and actually start making money with your construction company.

Features of Construction Simulator 2

You will control vehicles and construction machines to complete excavation missions, deliver construction materials, control giant tower cranes, cast concrete, asphalt or renovate roads. in the fictional states of Westside Plains. Unearth a house's foundation with real machinery, pour concrete onto the plant's wall panels with a giant concrete pump, or test the rigidity of your hand by placing trusses on a giant roof with a mobile crane. Thanks to realistic controls, you can control an excavator with two joysticks using SAE controls and feel as if you're working on a real construction site.

When you complete small jobs, you will be able to do bigger and more lucrative jobs and many different office locations with more possibilities. Operate the car with friends in multiplayer mode and complete building tasks together or just play around in the open game world. Up to four workers can participate in multiplayer games. The player who opens the game plays a host role and plays a leadership role in running a construction company shared by other players in a cooperative game.

You can start your own company, so you can start exploring new areas at Westside Plains little by little and accepting bigger and more lucrative construction works in the open world of Construction. Simulator 2. Here you can perform road construction and repair roads in poor condition. Experience the game from a new perspective with purpose-built machines from Caterpillar and enjoy an even more diverse day at work on the construction site. You can work on up to three construction sites at the same time and actually start making money with your construction company.

How to use Construction Simulator 2 game

Download and join the game to enjoy the exciting experience it brings you. Touch the machine to build as well as do the tasks set out. Surely this will be an interesting game, helping you build, fabricate, backfill massive roads and constructions.