Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a competitive multiplayer strategy game, based on Supercell's blockbuster war between clans. Play Clash Royale and enjoy one-on-one battles to protect your fortress.

Only after a short time of launch, Clash Royale has been crowded with enthusiastic gamers, even the most fastidious people. Therefore, it is not surprising that this game quickly ranked in the most downloaded featured game rankings. Because Clash Royale has had a great amount of time for the preparation process from testing stability, compatibility as well as checking errors during running games on the new mobile platform.

Clash Royale brings a lot of new to the real-time strategy game series. Each player will own a simulator area with 3 defensive towers and a squad consisting of 8 cards. This requires players to

cleverly calculate tactics so that the generals move within 2 lanes to attack the enemy. With 3 minutes to execute, the party that destroys the central tower will be considered the winner.

Join Clash Royale, players will have the opportunity to meet familiar characters in Clash of Clans. Besides, there are new characters such as Princes, Knights or Baby Dragon ... Players will create a Battle Deck team consisting of cards, crafts, ... to join the battle. The game also allows you to create clans and share your cards with other members.

In addition to the usual 1v1 game mode, Clash Royale has added a 2v2 multiplayer mode. With this mode, you can invite a friend, guil or other random player online. You can build clans to share and create your own battle community. Or challenge the members of the Clan and friends with the secret battle screen. Learn the tactics of fighting by watching excellent performances on TV Royale.

FEATURES of Clash Royale

- Players duel from around the world in real time and receive their Cup

- Earn chests to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing cards

- Destroy rival towers and win a crown to earn a crown chest

- Build and upgrade your card collection with the Clash Royale family along with dozens of Clash troops, spells and your favorite defenses

- Build your ultimate Battle Deck to defeat your opponents

- Progress through multiple Arenas to the top

- Form a guild to share cards and build your own battle community

- Challenge your friends and friends to duel

- Learn the different combat tactics by watching the best duels on TV Royale

In terms of graphics, although a back product with a change in gameplay, Clash Royale bears the appearance of Clash of Clans. In other words, the graphics in the game are simulated almost similar from the previous elder, from the interface to the battle scene. However, the game is still appreciated by the gaming community for its harmonious, eye-catching design and does not cause discomfort when experiencing for a long time. Download Clash Royale and build your own empire and calculate to invade enemy strongholds and resources.