Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is an Android-based messaging application with many interesting features, possessing many emoticons and vivid stickers for you to create a revolution for mobile messaging. In addition, chomp SMS also offers many interface options or customization for message notifications.

The SMS chomp SMS app brings more than 800 emojis to use for texting, quite rich message security features like password lock, message scheduling, birthday greetings, backup, create blocklists of SMS from unwanted people. You can also use this messaging app to create interesting group chats with lots of people involved.

chomp SMS offers different theme options for notification icons, notification LED colors, ringtones, vibrate mode, colors, font type, font size and background wallpaper. Create your own unique interface. Users can select a special ringtone for their messages to personalize each contact. Note and this application do not support sending multimedia messages.

To start customizing your SMS experience, just access the Settings screen from the options menu. The first thing you can change is whether you want to send messages via the network or use chomp SMS credit. Users buy them from the SMS chomp website for a fee of 10 cents per credit. This package will come in handy when you want to send international messages because the regular rates will cost you a lot of money.

Scroll down a bit further and you'll see options for customizing your message notifications. Choose a special type of ringtone for SMS messages, let the phone glow when receiving the message, choose the color of the notification icon when displayed on the screen whenever a message is available, and a lot of other options. Chomp SMS also allows users to customize the look of the message, change the background color and font color as well as the font size. You can also set the Enter key to send the message instead of clicking on the SMS message button every time you want to send it. This way, you will be able to conduct many SMS chats just like the real chat application.
However, chomp SMS for Android does not support MMS (multimedia messaging service), so there is no info way to send or receive photos or videos via this application. To send multimedia messages, users will have to switch to Android's messenger. When you want to see multimedia messages in chomp SMS, you'll have to download and view them.

Chomp SMS is a great way to add personalization to your Android messaging experience. It would be a little annoying to have to switch the text message every time you get a multimedia message, but this app can still beat the device's default messenger.

Features of Chomp SMS

- Chomp SMS possesses many interesting features, such as 800+ emoji's, password lock, message lock, security options, SMS scheduling (reminders, birthday wishes), stop sending messages, backup, blacklist / block SMS (for example, block your ex, spam), MMS and group messaging better and lots of other features.

- Mobile messaging application

- Many emoticons

- Good security mode

- Customize the way you send messages

The chomp SMS application is completely free, with no obligation to purchase any service packages from the provider. Users only need to buy chomp SMS credit if this fee is cheaper than the carriers.