Choices: Stories You Play

Choices: Stories You Play is an application that helps you enjoy different adventures. The game is a collection of stories that are adventures for you to explore with the happenings and end completely based on your decision. You can choose from adventures in a university, in a situation right from a detective movie, or even a clearly inspired world from Game of Thrones. A choice that can change everything from love, solving crime or embarking on epic fantasy adventures.

Features of Choices: Stories You Play

Adventure develops in the same way regardless of your choice: you make decisions about which actions your protagonist takes and see their consequences.

Provides a variety of very interesting conversational adventures, in addition to being well written, well designed really well. In fact, each character of the game has different facial expressions that express their mood at that particular moment.

You can choose the stories that you will play:

- The Freshman: Welcome to Hartfeld University. Here, you will make many new friends, maybe even find the true love of life. You'll date nerd James, party girl Kaitlyn, soccer star Chris ... or all three at once. Dressed impressively with future fashion. Choose a day to organize a romantic and attractive winter festival. Support new friends when solving all troubles in the first year adventure.

- Crown & The Flame: Enemies have taken over your kingdom, now is the time for you to rise by building troops, mastering magic and regaining your throne. Forming alliances to build armies. Master the unique weapons. Choose between a variety of elegant robes and powerful armor. Defeat the enemy in an intense battle.

- Most Wanted: A thrilling, wanted crime story is a collaboration between a Hollywood detective and a talented Texas sheriff to stop a dangerous psychopath. Play Detective Dave Reyes and US police chief Sam Massey. Undercover investigations with multiple climaxes, checking evidence in the crime segments. Stop the assassin before he kills another victim.

And new stories will be updated regularly. The choice is free to play, but you can buy game items with real money.

The game has a beautiful interface, combined with many unique character images and vivid sounds, as well as unique stories that will bring players many surprises.

You can compete with players everywhere and take the high position in the rankings.

How to use of Choices: Stories You Play

Download Choices: Stories You Play to join unique stories and find your own way to play. Join the game and enjoy the fun moments that this game gives you.