Chatous is an application that helps you to chat with a lot of people around the world. Here you can chat with friends, relatives, colleagues or with strangers through video chat, messaging, photo sharing,... The application is completely free and there are many users.

Features of Chatous

Chatous app helps you chat with close people, acquaintances, and even strangers. You can search for people with similar interests to talk to them. Talking helps you get closer and better connected, forming a vast network of friends.

You can video chat, share pictures, videos, audio messages along with a lot of other possibilities. Chat privately with people or in groups, you can create chat groups and add members, or you can delete people from the group or leave the group.

There are many chat groups on different topics, each chat group can have similar or different members, anonymity or identity display. You can join chat rooms if you don't like you can leave the group and join other groups at any time. Find chat rooms on different topics so you can easily talk about what you care about or what you worry about, helping you relieve stress in everyday life. Joining a group or leaving a group is easy and has no consequences.

Chatting through the app helps you not to meet face-to-face, you don't have to go out of the house, don't have to change clothes or look at other people's faces.

The application protects your identity through anonymity or by changing your display name at any time that others cannot search. So you absolutely can share what is worried or about yourself to receive encouragement from others, or speak ill of someone without anyone knowing you.

You can use the app with any Android device, iOS, computer and the ability to synchronize between devices makes it easy to use. When you change devices, your chats will be saved and when you open you will still be using the previous device.

The app is completely secure, if you are looking for safe chat rooms then this is an app for you.

The app is completely free and compatible with most Android and IOS devices, so you can easily use it anytime, anywhere.

To install and use, you need to allow the application to access devices. You should download Chatous apk at our website to ensure the application is accurate, error-free and takes no time to search.

For this application and all other applications are unavoidable shortcomings, so the manufacturer needs input from the user. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the manufacturer so they have a timely fix.