Charm King

Puzzle and collect colorful charm beads in an intellectual adventure of Charm King on your phone. The goal of the Charm King game is to overcome countless challenges connecting 3 to own the crown and become the ultimate magic king.

Speaking of gameplay, Charm King is not much different from other classic diamond games like Bejeweled Blitz or Candy Crush Saga. But the reason Charm King still attracts attention to mobile players is located in the graphics and plot with a mysterious fairy-tale as well as unique combo system in the game.

How to play the game Charm King is very simple, your task is to swap positions of adjacent objects to form horizontal or vertical rows of 3 or more charm of the same type. At that time, you will collect charm and score. Each level will have its own goal, such as collecting the number of charm colors. The number of stars evaluating the end of the board is a measure of whether the table's performance is high or low. Conversely, if you fail, you will lose 1 in 5 valuable network play. Like most intellectual puzzle games, the play network will recover over time or can be requested from friends.

The mechanism of creating combos and effects that the combo brings in Charm King is also a very noticeable point. When you line up 4 or more of the same color charm, there will be no large-scale destruction or destruction as in traditional puzzle games. In contrast, the number of nearby charm will add value (namely double the points) and you must collect immediately or they will disappear. This feature we've encountered in King's Farm Heroes Saga game.

Besides the familiar diamond game, Charm King also bears the direction of a unique puzzle adventure game. Players will conquer each level to explore the game map, visit the beautiful fairy kingdom with lots of forests, snowy mountains, treasure caves, clay cities, docks ... Each change will open a new land in the kingdom and of course the gameplay will change with it.


- Play free games

- Impressive HD graphics, images with eye-catching colors

- Login to Facebook and invite friends to play

- Variety of Charm such as butterfly, leaf, pumpkin, crystal...

- Provide support to overcome challenges

- Many attractive levels

- Unlock new regions and gameplay

- Background beautifully and varies from screen to screen

- Support full play guide

- Each turn, the game will require the player to complete a certain task accompanied by achieving 3 lucky stars. If not all the number of rounds that have conquered the  screen, players will receive more valuable rewards

- The game does not contain advertising by third parties or IAP packages for a fee

Charm King is an engaging puzzle game that provides entertainment and killing time. With the storyline to unlock, the game applies the carrot principle and perfection to keep players engaged in the game for long. If you're looking for a timeless game without getting bored, Charm King is definitely a great choice.