Cast to TV

Cast to TV is an application designed with the ability to stream online videos to the TV screen including content from movies to sports and TV gameshow. It also offers the ability to search your favorite movies, view video and bookmarks history, cable blocker, remote control, multiple resolution options, and automatically retrieve videos from multiple sources.

Cast to TV allows you to instantly enjoy all your favorite videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Buzzfeed & Facebook, music from Soundcloud, Spotify, etc. on the live TV screen with just a few taps. The application supports local and online video streaming from your phone to various devices such as Google Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, Xbox, IPTV ... without limitation of features, download to take the whole world, entertain yourself with your device.

Cast to TV app also integrates other useful features that allow you to enjoy the best videos such as choosing the appropriate resolution, blocking ads, popups, remote volume control. While watching videos on TV, you can still use your phone as usual, or even lock your phone screen to save battery. It is expected that the application will be added to download videos, transfer files from Cloud Drive, and the ability to download movie subtitles is only available in the upcoming Chromecast for other devices as well.

Features of Cast to TV:

- Cast videos from phone to TV

- Search for videos from many sources

- Control video on TV remotely

- Select the appropriate resolution

- Support multiple devices