Case Clicker

Are you a James Bond fan? Do you like surprising mission games? Are you into the element of surprise? Do you plan before on a mission? Do you like to counterattack? If you are one or two of those options, then you will probably love this latest game from Mateusz Pawlica called Case Clicker.

Case Clicker is a game where you simply open the case of Counter-Strike: GO. Naturally, all weapons you receive do not leave this game, so it is impossible to move weapons between Case Clicker and CS: GO. Case Clicker has the same gameplay as other clicker games. You have to touch the screen quickly to get money and shells. The types of cases and weapons found inside are completely random.

You need money to buy keys, are required to open cases. Luckily, you can get money, keys and cases, by completing different goals and achievements. Case Clicker 2 is full of different goals, so you never get bored or leave without the opportunity to make money and open new cases.

Case Clicker is similar to an attack game - the game consists of shooting and stabbing. This is why it is important for children not to play this game or just make sure they are properly instructed and accompanied when playing this game.

In this game, the cases given to you have a weapons deal contract, similar to what you saw in real Counter Strike games. Weapons inside mission boxes often contain large firearms, riffs and knives that you will use to complete the mission. Each weapon has a corresponding price.

Case Clicker contains a lot of upgrades, interfaces that can be achieved for your weapons, stickers, deals and jackpot prizes. Increase money by completing quests. Use this money to buy the keys and get the best quests on the market. Unlock other containers, grab what's inside, determine its value and deal with your price. This game will test not only your skills and knowledge of weapons but also your trading skills.

FEATURES OF Case Clicker

- More than 300 upgrades are waiting to unlock

- More than 1000 interfaces can be achieved

- More than 1300 stickers can be achieved

- Nearly 80 pins and gloves can be collected

- Custom case creator: create your own custom cases and share them with other players

- Trading system: deal with other players

- Appropriate betting system: bet you virtual items on real eSport matches

- Name tags: give your own skin a name

- Advanced items: don't like your items? Take the risk and try to upgrade it into a better item

Case Clicker is an entertaining game that brings many surprises. CS:GO fans will especially like it, but it can also be fun for any other type of player, especially for those

who enjoy achievement. Download Case Clicker to your smartphone and start playing now.

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