CarX Drift Racing is a fascinating racing game for mobile devices. The racing tracks in this game are full of death bends, allowing players to freely show off their silk steering wheel. CarX Drift Racing apk gives users a unique experience in controlling the top racing cars. In this racing game, you can use many different driving modes such as tilting the screen to move the car racing left, right or use a virtual steering wheel on the screen.

CarX Drift Racing for android will bring to the players the top experience when controlling the quality super sports car system. The ideal racing game for racing enthusiasts is a place for you to show off your Donut technique and burn all racing tracks with smoke effects emitted from the exhaust pipe.

With 30 million downloads worldwide and increasing day by day, it has proved the appeal of CarX Drift Racing. Even the publisher also issued a warning that the game can be completely addictive, so players need to take note of rest every 40 minutes of experience. It sounds funny, but with a speed game with excellent graphics with engine systems, realistic sound like CarX Drift Racing, we will find it completely reasonable.

A special feature in this game is that you can experience the technique "Drift" classic cars. If you do not know about this technique, do not worry because, after only a few minutes of getting acquainted, you will know how to skate wheel skillfully on the track - the most important part in Drift.


- Leading racing simulator: CarX Drift Racing game uses advanced emulation technology, allowing you to experience the feeling of "drifting" the car like in real life. Specifically, you can learn along the device to control the car to the right, left, can enter the gear or use the handbrake to create the most beautiful drift screen. Not only simulating racing techniques, but the graphics in CarX Drift Racing also play an important role in bringing a true racing feel. Every time you drift like that, the atmosphere in CarX Drift Racing will change with the smoke, dust blowing scattered.

- The most attractive racing game on mobile: You will have the opportunity to control the powerful horse racing sports cars. Besides, you will also have the opportunity to race on different terrains such as asphalt, grass or sand racing. In the beginning, you are only allowed to use one type of vehicle, a racetrack but the higher you get, the more cars and racing tracks you can unlock.

- Career Mode: You can join this mode if you want to pursue a professional racing career. Specifically, you can join races to win trophies or bonuses. If racing well, players will have the opportunity to unlock 6 new sports car racing lines and tracks. In addition, CarX Drift Racing also supports Ghost Mode, meaning you can race with ghosts - your best racing achievement.

- Compete with riders around the world: You can connect your device to the Internet to compete for racing achievements with friends and other CarX Drift Racing players. You will have the opportunity to test your racing talent through a CarX Drift Racing world rankings.

- Unique sound effects: Corresponding to the used race car, which you will enjoy different sounds. In addition, this game also has the ability to simulate realistic accelerating sounds. Use the real sound of the engine of each vehicle. Simulating roar, brakes ...

- More than 10 laps designed in accordance with the drift racing technique.

- Unlock 30 sports racing cars with extensive car upgrade options.

- Support control by gamepad and toy steering wheel.

- Multiplayer mode is real-time with up to 8 gamers on the track.

- Real-time online racing: Race against friends and break the world record. Timed racing mode with international rankings.