CarGurus is an automotive research and shopping website based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which helps users compare local listings for used and new cars and contact sellers. The company started out as an auto community blog where consumers can post reviews and questions about local dealers, shops, and cars. Agents expressed an interest in advertising on the site, and the company changed its business strategy to connect dealers and consumers by putting inventory on the site.

In just over a decade, CarGurus has become the largest online car market in the US-based on the number of monthly visitors, with more car listings than any other major online car market in the US.

Features of CarGurus

- Powerful search and advanced filtering options

- Saved searches make it simple to run regular searches based on your criteria

- Saved lists give you quick, easy access to the media you save from all your devices

- Ranking without bias

Dealers cannot pay for their cars to get higher positions in organic search results and the site's transaction ratings are not biased by ads. No major online car market in the US combines dealer prices and reputation to rank and rate deals.

- Over 5 million listings: That's more than you'll find on any other major online car market in the US.

- Free listing and searching tool: CarGurus allows consumers to search for free and dealers to list Haitian cars. If interested, dealers can pay for subscription services provided. offer more opportunities to market their agency and connect with a top 1 industry buyer.

- Car expertise: Consult expert car reviews and buying guides from a test drive team or connect with other experts in the Q&A forum.

- Powerful data analysis: CarGurus's search is powered by complex mathematical algorithms built for years. These algorithms analyze data on millions of car listings every day, accounting for factors such as price, the reputation of dealers.

- Innovation does not stop

The technical and product team is constantly developing new features and products that make the process of buying and selling a car simpler.

CarGurus uses algorithms to analyze and compare prices and features on vehicles for sale. Users can search for specific cars in their local area and compare listings by dealer price, features, and reputation. The company also provides a discussion platform for car enthusiasts and automotive professionals who submit questions, provide insight, collect and share information, and provide reviews. The company operates websites in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and Germany.