Car Tycoon apk

Welcome to a whole new car game, where you will transform your life from a poor guy to a car tycoon. Car Tycoon - Car Mechanic Game is an addition to free car games, is a unique story about a man who used to drive a taxi in the era of new car games. He sold his old car and planned to buy a car and sell it, starting from a scrap yard, to become rich. He became a car designer and an automobile dealer in his process and eventually achieved the title of car tycoon in this combo of car building and driving games.

All of this makes Car Tycoon - Car Mechanic Game eligible for the best car games and in addition to providing business games. Buy wrecked cars from scrap yard, repair cars and restore and sell them to a car dealership in the addition of this car tycoon game. Download Car Tycoon - Car Mechanic Game will allow you to change body parts (doors, side mirrors, windshield, bonnet, rear bumper, rear trunk as part of supercar games) as well as other automotive engine parts (cylinder, head, piston, battery, exhaust, air filter and carburetor) for a car game that really feels for a passionate car designer in the workshop His personal car and garage garage. You will also draw your car and upgrade its suspension as part of this car game. Start from a cheap car and trade in cars with car dealers after restoring cars and ending up with the most expensive car as a tycoon in car repair games. There is an element of driving simulation driving for it as well as when you test your driving before sale. All this makes one of the best car games in the world.

So set up if you want to become rich as a car designer and want to be known as a car tycoon in a story not seen in any car game. The highly detailed garage and workshop environment along with scrap will enhance the experience of this mechanical simulation car with a unique rotating car trading game. If you are a fan of the all-new driving game and also want to explore car building games, then Car Tycoon - Car Mechanic Game will allow you to enjoy the best car game experience. After you've finished restoring a car as a car mechanic, test drive in the city and sell it to car dealers as you consolidate your collection of free car games. This new car game will allow you to even change the suspension, suspension, centers and disc brakes of your vehicle. Turn wrecked cars into new super bright cars and become a tycoon. Your garage is your car factory in the car simulator of 2018 and only your car recovery game skills can change your destiny.

FEATURES of Car Tycoon – Car Mechanic Game

- Many realistic car models not seen in most free car games

- Detailed pimping car exercises unlike the usual car mechanic game

- Unique car recovery simulation story

- Upgrade many car parts and assemble your own car

- Convert your vehicle from a scrap car from an old scrap yard to a shiny and expensive supercar

- Make virtual money and become rich in this car simulator

Add to your portfolio of new car games with this junkyard simulator and enjoy driving after restoring a car. If you like playing car mechanic games, buy cars and sell games, you will love this Car Tycoon - Car Mechanic Game. Become a real car manufacturer and a car designer while learning to deal with car dealers in driving games.