Car Scanner

Car Scanner ELM is an application that uses an OBD II Wi-Fi or Bluetooth adapter to connect to the OBD2 engine to perform many functions related to car error checking, performance testing, emissions, Vehicle speed measurement .... You can apply Car Scanner ELM to many modern cars today, helping you to keep the car in the best condition.

To use Car Scanner ELM you need to have a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth OBD2 ELM327 compatible adapter to work, with the Adapter plugged into the car socket and access your phone to see the diagnostics. The application interface provides a dashboard with the meters and charts you want, the information from the manufacturer is inherently hidden.

Car Scanner allows reading status sensor when DTC is saved, ECU self-monitoring test results, exhaust test, fuel consumption statistics. The application works with any vehicle that uses the OBD 2 standard, adding additional features to Toyota, Mitsubishi, GM, Opel, Vauxhal, Chevrolet, Nissan, Infinity, Renault ...

Features of Car Scanner

- Scan and diagnose car errors

- Performance measurement, emissions test

- Dollar speed, fuel consumption statistics

- Works with many vehicles

How to use Car Scanner

There is a data link connector under the vehicle dashboard, you need to use this connector to plug the scanner after turning off the vehicle.

Because you already know that obd2 is a standardized system, all devices use the same connector, called SAE J 1962.

After connecting the plug to the vehicle's obd2 system, the scanner will start running.

Some scanning tools also have a module function and their keys can enlarge the universal connector to access certain data.

After connecting the plug to the obd2 system, you need to turn on the car later, then wait for the scanner to start and wait for a while.

If you can't start it yourself, you can press the power button to start the process.

After completing the above process, wait for the scanner to be ready, then ask you to enter some details, then you must enter all the details related to your vehicle, such as model, type, engine, etc.

You need to be patient in all processes, after having all the information, the system will analyze and scan the vehicle's diagnostic system. It is not difficult to perform this procedure, but if you forget it or are not familiar with the device, you can refer to the device's user guide, guide you to select the button to start the process.

After scanning all your vehicle systems, the obd2 scanner will provide some codes or error messages that you can record or record or transfer them to your phone or any other device you give. is fit (via Bluetooth).