Candy crush soda saga

Candy Crush in the market of social networking and mobile games with simple and addictive gameplay is a craze to drive the online community with an increasing number of fans. The later the game, the difficulty level is very high, although there are support items but with the number of turns and requirements of that table, it still needs to rely on the majority of luck to be able to pass. Candy Crush launched on facebook in April 2012 and soon became the most popular app on social networks with 15.4 million daily players. As another form of the popular diamond-puzzle game, what makes the difference between Candy and its games? It is the creativity in gameplay as well as interesting stories revolving around the world of sweet candy.

Crush Soda Saga, instead of eating points with sweet candy, you can switch to colorful soda candies. Candy Crush Soda Saga introduces players to an experience similar to its predecessor Candy Crush: still an addictive match-3 formula to connect the brilliant rainbow colors. King has dipped his extremely famous Candy Crush Saga into soda to create an attractive sequel version called Candy Crush Soda Saga. The sweet 75-level game is what you get when you come to King's new world of soda candy. Basically, the game is completely different from its predecessor Candy Crush Saga. Therefore you absolutely can grasp how to play easily. With the formula "eat 3" addictive you can easily discover and experience the game