Candy Crush Friends Saga is a completely new puzzle game version in the Candy Crush game series, compared to the previous versions Candy Crush Friends Saga has two more funny characters Yeti and Tiffi, they will accompany you to overcome the level of the game in the sweetest way.

Join Candy Crush Friends Saga, players will be immersed in the world of extremely delicious sweets like biscuits, jams, chocolate and more. Play in favorite mode and enjoy the endless sweetness right now.

The all-new Candy Crush Friends Saga has come out. Ready for the sweet candy screen style diamond game and the appearance of a series of new friends in this intellectual game.

In the Candy Crush Friends Saga game, players will match-3 puzzles with candies, biscuits and collect costumes for favorite characters in the Candy Crush Saga series. With many new game modes and unexplained surprises, you will have the best sweet candy dream!

Candy Crush Friends Saga is the latest version of the King's Candy Crush game series. Improved graphics, new game modes and interesting friends, you will not have too much difficulty when conquering hundreds of challenging levels!


- Friends: When playing the game, you will have the opportunity to unlock new "Friends". Each of you has its own power, capable of helping you a lot in each level.

- New moves and special candies: Not just striped candy bombs, wrapped in paper or vibrant colors, now you can create a square and combine 6 colors or more to unlock new special candies.

- New levels: Candy Crush Friends Saga adds new types of missions, multi-screen puzzles, gravity change levels (candies fly from bottom to top).

- Hundreds of levels with increasing difficulty: recruit favorite characters in the Candy Crush series. They are reliable allies and will help you overcome difficult levels.

- Watch Yeti and his friends dance happily when they win.

- New and fun game mode. Dip biscuits into the chocolate and free octopus, mammoths ...

- Save friends in Sticker book and change costumes for them.

- Explore the sweet candy world on the 3D graphics background.

- Game easy to play the hard to win.

- Candy Crush Friends Saga can be played anytime, online or offline.

- Easily sync games between devices and access full game feature when connected to the internet.

The lovely Candy Crush friends are somewhere in the candy kingdom. Join the match 3 screens to find them. Each character in Candy Crush Friends Saga will possess its own abilities, they work with your candy boss to destroy everything.

Swap positions and arrange colorful candies to unlock rewards, friends, and super cute outfits. The more candies you collect, the bigger the power you create in Candy Crush Friends Saga!

This new sweet candy game is a gathering place for delicious snacks - from cookies to lollipops, chocolates and more. You will be able to rank candies in new levels, and of course, sweeter than before!

With hundreds of exciting and challenging levels, Candy Crush Friends Saga collects lovely friends on the adventure planet. Sweet candy friends are your allies. They are always ready to help you conquer difficult levels. The game brings many new modes of extremely fun and attractive.