CAM Crawler

Remote control cars are one of the favorite toys of young children especially boys. This toy is not only limited to children but also adults we also love. And with CAM Crawler, controlling the car becomes much easier and more convenient. CAM Crawler is a remote control application for mini terrain vehicles directly on the phone. In the past to play terrain vehicles, it was mandatory to use the controller attached to the vehicle. This is cumbersome and requires us to spend a lot of money on battery replacement. But with the technology developed at present and meet the needs and improvements in features for terrain vehicles. Users only need to download CAM Crawler and play for hours without worrying about running out of battery.

CAM Crawler captures images directly via the camera mounted on the vehicle and has a virtual steering wheel on the phone for players to use it to control. The vertical bar is on the right of the screen, drag up and down to back or straight. CAM Crawler is superior to conventional controllers in that the realistic scene is clearly displayed, enabling the terrain vehicle to explore everywhere even in areas you cannot go or where the terrain is difficult. , the darkness envelops. The CAM Crawler app also lets you return to places you went to into a video to watch. This video can be useful for your entertainment, social networking or work.

Use CAM Crawler and turn your off-road vehicle into a tool to check the drain or anywhere you can't go yourself because it's too small. CAM Crawler provides a close look at potential problems in the pipeline ... From here you can easily find the cause and solve the problem.


- Control terrain vehicle on the phone

- Display real-time video recorded by the camera on the device, video data is transmitted via 2.4G WiFi protocol

- Make recorded photos and videos on the phone

CAM Crawler allows downloading for free on Android phones, iOs ... CAM Crawler is a useful and necessary application for all terrain vehicles. With CAM Crawler your vehicle becomes more modern and useful.