Cabify Drivers

Cabify Drivers apk is a mobile platform that connects passengers and drivers, providing safe, fast, and quality rides. The main goal is to reduce cities and provide an alternative to using a private vehicle by taxi and car.

What are the advantages of being a driver and using Cabify?

- We think about your safety.

We want you to drive with the safety you deserve. We geolocate all your trips and identify all passengers so you can drive with the tranquility you deserve.

- The opportunity you are looking for

You will receive your income on a regular and stable basis, knowing exactly how much money you make for each trip. Join us and manage your time as you wish with flexible schedules.

- High demand, higher income

We show you in the application areas of the city the most travel needs so you can transfer to them and get more services and income. With us, your time is more valuable.

- Best passenger

Get passengers from the best businesses and international companies in your car or taxi. In addition, we prevent users from inappropriate behavior from using the platform again.

- We accompany you on the road

We have several service channels to help you on your journey: phone calls, chat with agents from our team, help center with articles of interest, and functionality within the app to report a problem by pressing the button.

Features of Cabify Drivers

- Consecutive trips: Receive travel requests while you are performing a service.

- Destination mode: Indicate your destination and we will provide you with nearby services. Take advantage of the last minute to have more income.

- Heat map: we will show you the most requested places to be done in real-time.

- In-app incident management: our team is always ready to assist you without having to leave the application.

- Cash or card ?: Choose how you receive payment for your trips. Your interests, your rules.

- Know the price of a trip: when you receive a trip request, we show you the estimated price of the trip.

How to use Cabify Drivers

To become a driver, you need to fill out a form with your data and documents. You will then conduct an online session of information about application usage that will help you provide a 5-star service. When you finish the session, your account will be activated automatically and you can start driving and making money.

When you register as a driver or taxi driver, you only need to sign in with your email and password and connect. In a very short time, you will receive travel requests from passengers closest to your location, and the starting and destination points you must visit will be clearly displayed, in addition to the estimated price of the trip.