BVG FahrInfo Plus

BVG FahrInfo Plus is an updated trip planner and trip planner for Berlin's public transport system. It's simple and intuitive, choose your departure and arrival stations and get a list of the next best connections to your destination. Use the free "BVG FahrInfo Plus" app for Android to plan your trip through the capital by metro, bus and tram. As a practical addon, the application provides the purchase and confirmation of tickets.


After you have entered the desired destination and departure locations, the appropriate connections are displayed. You can also view the route on the map. The Android app also informs you of the trip's duration, possible delays, and the price of your trip. You can optionally obtain the corresponding ticket directly from the BVG application.

Feature of BVG FahrInfo Plus

An application for every situation

The app connects timetable information (Berlin and Brandenburg) to ticket sales (Berlin ABC). Choose to calculate your route using different options: connect directly or with a stop, with no barriers or by bike. You can also specify transit times and transports in Wap options Displays real-time departure/arrival times at the stop of your choice or directly from the start screen using how to use the utility. If you don't know where the next suitable stop is, we'll show you the way in the map function. Use the map to locate vehicles of our car sharing partners. Use the alarm to be notified when boarding, changing or leaving your vehicle or if there is a notice that your connection may be at risk due to delays. Use the zoomable route map (can also be used offline) for more information.

The heart of our Application - Application Tickets

FahrInfo Plus is your ticket machine to buy tickets for the Berlin ABC fare area. We offer daily tickets, single tickets, short trip tickets, 4-day tickets, connecting tickets, small group day tickets, WelcomeCard and CityTourCard tights as well as bicycle transport tickets. To buy quickly just activate ticket utilities. More tickets are being made.

Tips for selling tickets fast

Save time by saying your single tickets with your favorite recurring start locations and activating your ticket extension and tickets (up to 2) are always displayed in the widget on the catch screen your head. When logging in for the first time, check the "Stay signed in" box. This saves the hassle of contemplating passwords.

Buy your tickets using the in-app utility, not at the subway station, but make sure you have a stable Internet connection when you buy. During the ticket checkout process simply click on the valid ticket in the widget. You do not need an Internet connection unless you are logged out. An active online connection is required to call up timetable information, departure, and ticket purchases.