Bullet Force

Bullet Force is a FPS game on mobile with similar graphics quality to games like Battlefield or Call of Duty. Bullet Force owns Unity Engine graphics technology, the game is compatible with many mobile devices with weak configurations because of the option to increase or decrease the quality of graphics in the game. For gamers who play games on devices with screen resolutions up to 2k or 4k, Bullet Force still meets graphics quality and very high detail. Focusing on the Multiplayer game mode, Bullet Force will have many different game modes, such as being a little lonely in modes such as single difficulty (easy / normal / hard) or Skirmish challenge. Sure, Bullet Force is just as attractive as a PC FPS game. With Multiplayer mode, Bullet Force has many forms of competition such as Team Death Match (team battle) and Free-For-All (single fight, free shot).

Bullet Force can hold up to 20 people in each room, this is a pretty terrible number for a FPS game with high graphics quality. Bullet Force also gives gamers the freedom to edit, create weapons, you can change the gun color, add a viewfinder, ... This is a pretty interesting thing. In addition to showing its playability, Bullet Force also introduced many game maps, helping gamers not to be bored when playing, these maps are built very nicely, the details are very real. with real life. In addition to the special things on Bullet Force, there is an Offline game mode for gamers who have limited internet connection, with this mode, game thr can play the game anytime, regardless of internet or not.