Brave Frontier

Are you ready for the new Brave Burst? Experience a whole new game mechanic that will tip the scales of battle in your favor.

Players are allowed to bring up to 5 units in each stage with a "friend" unit in mission mode. Players make friends through a friend request. After the enemy is defeated, the player proceeds to the next stage until the boss is required to complete a level. Upon completion, the player is rewarded with Zel, Karma, and items, as well as obtaining units from each mission. When players complete the entire area, they will be rewarded with a gem. However, if the player fails on a mission, they use a gem to continue. Units are capable of special attacks, called Brave Bursts. When activated, the unit uses a powerful attack. Brave Bursts can also increase health points or increase overall stats to gain an advantage over enemies. Super Brave Bursts can also be enforced but only if a unit has a 6 Star Rating and maximizes their Brave Burst.

Besides the missions, players can also merge units with the units obtained in each mission to level them up. When a unit is now at its maximum, it is now capable of evolving. The requirements to develop qualified units are different. Each unit also has its own rank, with Omni Evolution being the highest. Players can receive more units through Honor Summon and Rare Summon, they require players to use gems and Honor Points to summon units. Players can sell units for zel or equip them with Spheres and Gemstones through microtransactions. Items can also be synthesized into useful items, such as tonic, tonic, and revival. Orbs are also made in the same way, to increase the overall index of a unit. The town offers lots of items to be used for these things, some of which must be obtained through dungeons cleared by the player.

Features of Brave Frontier game

Summon, collect and evaluate

- Summon and expand your Unit collection, from the Emperor to the Goddess of Hell

- Take advantage of your Elemental Strengths and Unit Leadership Skills and form strategic teams for different game and enemy modes

- Merging/developing Your unit into higher forms to strengthen them / unlock new skills

- Create powerful items and Spheres to increase your Unit's power in battle

- Meet and recruit fan favorite characters from other popular titles

Classic JRPG with free modern games

- Strategically oriented turn-based combat system with Auto-battle option

- Engage in powerful animated battles with/against captivating cast members with beautifully pixelated characters inspired by Japanese comic art

- Unleash devastating combos using the Battle Mechanism with intuitive touch and swipe

- Fill in your Unit skill gauge to launch their unique Brave Bursts attack/defense

- Upgrade your Town to unlock new crafting options and craft powerful items

Compete and enjoy

- Put your skills to the test and face Epic bosses

- Compete in PVP Arena & Colosseum and dominate the Rankings Rankings

- Put your best Brave Frontier line up against other online players in PVP Arena & Colosseum and dominate the Rankings rankings

- Gather/enjoy the spoils of your adventure/battle and claim special heroes and rare items!

Play with friends

- Join forces with fellow Summoners for co-op game modes, to farm rare materials to craft powerful items and orbs

- Connect with millions of players around the globe for additional reinforcement options and Honor Points

- Form/join a clan and forge a strong friendship with fellow Summoners. Contribute to the Club to help take it to the next level to get rewards, heroes and skills dedicated to the Guild

- Join the Raids Guild and fight for honor and glory to become a top ranked Guild

- Discuss strategies with real-time Guild members in Guild Raid using Guild Chat

How to play  Brave Frontier game

After downloading you can play this fascinating game. You can play offline or play online with your friends to increase the attractiveness of the game.