Brain Out

Brain Out Online - Brain games, IQ challenges and creativity in every question that is causing storms around the world. In this Brain Out game, please pay attention and find the best answer for each question. The most accurate answer may only come from the smallest detail that appears on the screen.With each challenging level, you can use suggestion assistance, and each time it will cost 1 key. . To bypass the challenge will take 2 keys, and you only have a total of 20 keys only. Brain Out is a free, extremely ""addictive"" puzzle game with a series of ""brain damage"" puzzles; Test your patience, calculating ability and smart reasoning.

This game will evaluate the player's ability to think logically, reflexes, accuracy, memory and creativity. Do not answer the questions in the usual way if you do not want to be ""troll"" mercilessly. The solution that does not follow any specific rules is the most interesting point of Brain Out!

The main feature of the game Brain Out

Quirky but extremely attractive gameplay, attracting players for hours.
The table is designed to be simple, easy to understand but extremely difficult to solve.
Funny sound effects and animations.
The answer always surprises you.
Nearly 200 strange puzzles in Brain Out will motivate your brain to move and think nonstop. It is a perfect combination of knowledge and creativity, a thought test that combines both EQ, IQ and even ""troll"" players. If you need to find an intellectual game but ""different"", download Brain Out and try it today!"